A Symbiotic Tale

This project grew from a study guide I wrote for a local theater’s children’s series. I then used the story in a live presentation I delivered to school-aged children throughout the Tampa Bay area. When I decided to self-publish the story, I collaborated with Kim Kramer, an accomplished illustrator and author in her own right.  

The story introduces children to the concept of symbiosis through a lonely sea anemone and a playful clown fish who discover the mutual benefits of cooperation and friendship.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

Somewhere in a place quite different from here but not so far away–where schools swim and rays glide–lived a creature by the name of Anemone.

She was beautiful. She had long, purple tentacles that swayed gently in the undertow. And when the sun hit her arms just right, their green tips gave off a spectacular glow.


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