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PROJECT OVERVIEW:  Athena Cabinets was a retail cabinetry business in the Tampa Bay area whose website required some refurbishment. I crafted the following copy, which was used to drive customers to its brick and mortar location.  The information contained in the following excerpt is based solely on my research. I had no client-supplied background material.

The kitchen is the heart of a home, where food and a lifetime of laughter and memories are made. It’s important you make the right decisions when planning your kitchen to make those experiences as rich as possible.

The right balance of form, function and style is necessary when considering what will go into your kitchen design.

Your cabinets are where you begin that design. It’s the backbone of its overall look—as well as your budget.


Form is the building block of your overall cabinet design. It determines what your cabinets are made of and how they are built. Some materials are less expensive than others and may have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Ask yourself the following when choosing form:

  • What will my cabinets be made of?
  • What type of veneer do I want them finished with?
  • Do I want a face frame? A euro-style frameless? What are my options?


Function is equally important to your planning. It determines how your cabinets will be used.

Ask yourself the following when making decisions regarding function:

  • How much storage do I need?
  • How much counter space will I use?
  • How close do I stand to my counters?
  • How high do I need them to be?
  • What items do I use most in my kitchen? Where do I want to store those items?
  • What balance do I want to create between decorative and functional space?


Style is your third consideration. It determines how you will feel when you enter your kitchen.

Ask yourself the following when making decisions regarding style:

  • How much of my kitchen’s light comes from electrical sources and how much natural light shines through windows? This will help you determine the best color and polish for your veneer and finish.
  • Do I want a shiny finish or a more matte tone?
    • Do I want a color that will enhance light or deflect it?

Many styles reflect a lifestyle and attitude.

  • Am I formal and traditional? Or more casual and contemporary?

Many designs are influenced by geography.

  • Am I inspired by American influences?
  • European?
  • Scandinavian?
  • Other geographical areas?
  • What kind of statement do I want to make?
    • Many colors and shapes represent inherent character traits. Which ones reflect me and my family?

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