Capturing a Work of Art

I wrote this article for Better RVing, a trade publication for RV enthusiasts.

Better-RVing-Taking-Artistic-Travel-Photos CROPPEDPicture it: The scene is perfect–vivid colors and memorable detail. Inspired, you raise your point-and-shoot camera and start clicking. You look in the viewfinder, hoping for the “ooo.” But what you see is stagnant. Boring. Shadows overtake the details that inspired you in the first place. You try again. Same results. Frustrated and at a loss, you place your camera back in the bag. Better luck next time.

Sound familiar? Not to worry. Photography is an art. And like any art form, the more you do, the better you get. An artistic photo takes preparation, imagination and most importantly, a sense of play.

Preparation: Know your equipment. According to Jeff Fay, an 18-year veteran photographer and owner of Hollowtree Images in Tampa, Florida, preparation is key. “Make sure your camera is ready at all times, advises Fay. “And make sure it fits your hand–that your thumb doesn’t cover the lens.”

Some additional tips:

Know your settings. Most point-and-shoot digital cameras address the common photographic challenges: shutter speed, red eye and under- and overexposure. Get familiar with the settings that address them.

Take time to get the right shot. “A lot of pictures are taken too quickly,” says Fay. “Pictures tell a story. The camera’s only job is to get to the next frame. It’s up to the photographer to get the picture. So think before you shoot.”

Be careful about storage. Don’t compress pictures to save space. Instead, invest in a high-capacity memory card. Then save your photos in high resolution. You won’t be sorry.

Use your imagination…and play!


Banner photo by Thomas B.

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