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You may have a great strategy, but if your communication is muddy or awkward, it will never do what it’s intended to do. My journalism background and experience have served my clients well for the past 20 years.

My resources include AP, Chicago, Oxford, Yahoo online and Strunk & White style manuals. My editing clients include companies based in Canada, Australia and the U.S.

I offer the following editing packages for online and offline content:

  • Copyediting for spelling, capitalization, common usage, grammar, word repetition and punctuation
  • Substantive editing for proper structure, clarity, format and consistent style as well as basic copyediting
  • Developmental/Rewriting to update information, tighten or change message and/or change style and voice

Rates for editing start at $75.retainer-offer

Hire a writer who knows how to tell your story, put you in a prime position in your marketplace and attract the right audience to your website. Call or email me today.

727-612-5557  misswriterweb@gmail.com

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