Machus Corporation

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Machus Corporation was an international IT services provider based in Dallas, Texas. When they rolled out new software, they needed copy that not only introduced the product, but provided education about the industry and its shifting landscape to convince customers of the software’s value and drive sales.

Software Solutions

Software can make or break your business. The right software can be the catalyst that sends it soaring toward realized dreams and the wrong software can plunge it into the red abyss. Machus is a U.S. based IT company that blends solid engineering, intuitive craft and an artists’s touch to every software development project we deploy. We build software that makes–and keeps–your business growing.

But embarking on a new software project can be daunting. Studies show that more than 80% of software projects go over budget or are abandoned altogether due to poor planning that allows a project to creep outside its scope. At Machus, we avoid scope creep by adhering to a proven software development life cycle approach that encompasses your requirements, well-planned timelines, directional milestones, carefully examined checkpoints and solid communication every step of the way. We give you a thoroughly researched estimate and educated timeline before embarking on any project. Scope creep is not an option with Machus. Our time–and your time–is too precious.

Because technology moves at such a rapid pace, you need a seasoned professional in your corner to guide you through not only the current software process, but will meet your future challenges as well. Machus’ worldwide team keeps up to date on new technology, which allows us to provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage by offering scalable and cost-effective solutions that address your software challenges.

To have a competitive edge in today’s global market, you need a reliable partner. Machus would like to be that partner. Contact us today. We can discuss your business needs, trends that may affect your business and any discount we may be able to provide you for your upcoming project.


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Banner image by James Osborne.

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