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While social media stimulates traffic to your website, newsletters keep them coming back
for more. The tried-and-true newsletter is a vital tool in a successful marketing strategy–an effective and inexpensive way to develop a relationship with your customer and position you as an industry authority.

As your freelance newsletter writer I offer:

  • Creativity that reaches beyond the vertical to find new ways to engage with your audience and widen your marketing funnel
  • Thorough research of your marketplace, target audience and product or service to ensure your news is relevant
  • Content that educates, entertains and adds value and shareability
  • Psychological savvy that synergizes your Unique Selling Proposition with your customers’ needs and desires
  • Results that deliver optimal ROI

Newsletter rates start at $500.


Hire a writer who knows how to tell your story, puts you in a prime position in your marketplace and attracts the right audience to your website. Call or email me today.


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