Missy is a phenomenal writer and editor…professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Her creativity is inspiring and her energy contagious…making copy engaging. She brings life to the conversation. Any client would be very fortunate to have Missy as a contributor to their team.

Kimberly Patterson, Writer & Recruiter



Missy is entrepreneurial and creative, diligent and comprehensive. She produces high quality very quickly, and is also keen to recognize business opportunities and explore and develop them.

Paul Gilchrist, SEO and EDM Specialist
Wrote, produced and served as on-camera talent.

Corporate Blogging

I was really excited to find Missy. I needed someone to write with a similar tone that I had been creating as I wrote for our clients and I needed a blogger to maintain that voice. She NAILED it and continues to. She’s a Super Star!

James Ussery, CEO, Machus Corp.

Website Copy

Missy exceeded my expectations. She went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met. I appreciated her flexibility and detailed research. It was very nice to work with someone who took the time to learn our business and embody our desire to better serve our clients.\

Donnette Threats, MA, VP of Client Resources, Suncoast Solutions


My boys LOVE hearing me read A Symbiotic Tale. Although they can’t read yet, the illustrations are engaging and the language is fun. It makes me feel like a storyteller. 

Amy Ward, Parent

Missy Kavanaugh uses every possible means to make her stories fun and educational. I am certain Missy’s going places and I’m glad to partner with such an exceptional person.

Kim Van Kramer, Illustrator

Or call me at (727) 612-5557 email: missykavanaugh@gmail.com

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