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PROJECT OVERVIEW:  Suncoast Solutions is a B2B tech company that provides software solutions to the hospice and home care industry. They contacted me after hearing about my work from a hospice client. Suncoast’s website required a complete overhaul.

Their marketing team was instrumental in helping me learn about their industry, its clients, its competition and its products and services. The following copy is the final result, which helped to increase conversion rates and welcomed new long-term customers.

Hospice Care Management

Hospice Software is Not Our Mission, It’s Our Passion

Did you know Suncoast Solutions clients were one out of four hospice patients in the U.S.?

We are the leader in software solutions for hospice nationwide. We’ve been doing it since 1999 and have built our business around developing hospice software. We know the industry, its issues and will be here tomorrow to help you face the changes coming in the future.

Take advantage of a no-risk demonstration today.

According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, less than 40% of today’s hospice patients have cancer. The majority of patients in hospice right now are dealing with more complex illnesses like like-stage dementia. You need a comprehensive clinical software suite that is patient-centric enough to adapt to your population’s needs.

Our hospice management software captures all clinical, financial and administrative data related to a patient and organizes it into a consistent record accessible to users.

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