We Don’t Care What You Have to Say. Just Shut Up and Play

Regardless of which side of the COVID mask you prefer, this latest musician-meets-political debacle begs the question, do those with influence bestowed upon them have the privilege of sharing their political beliefs with the public or, should they, as athletes have been told, just shut up and play?

A Reason to Believe

It turns out she was dripping with demons, too, which reared up about a year into their relationship and roared like an uncontained forest fire, burning through everyone around her. But his love for her kept him at her side through shattering tantrums, suicide threats, night terrors, a gut-wrenching eating disorder.
It sucked to be Adam. But he put his faith in the power of love.

Wake Me Up

I remember when I was a morose teenager, I used to look at my retired grandmother and think, “I wish I could just skip to where she is in life.” Meaning, I wish I could bypass all the hard work and life lessons and just coast until the end. I’m reminded of that time and mindset every time I hear

Lights Out, Charlie Watts

At the concert, I admit my binocular-clad eyes had a hard time drifting away from dynamo Mick and his slouching sidekick Keith. But when Keith turned to the drum kit to check in, I followed. I just wish I’d better appreciated the master working behind it. The more I read about Mr. Watts, the bigger the picture emerges of not only a gifted artist, but a remarkable man.