The Man Who Planted Seeds

I happened upon a copy of French writer Jean Giono’s The Man Who Planted Trees and found the story so inspiring and the language so lyrical, I felt compelled to share it with children. However, the translation, in my opinion, wasn’t kid friendly enough for the average student. After some research, I found the original had no copyright.

I once again teamed up with my favorite illustrator, Kim Kramer, and together we created this self-published version of Giono’s story.  She produced enthralling art that matched the lyricism of the original and I struggled to maintain the integrity of the narrative as I simplified it.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

As a boy I lived at the foothills of the Alps in southern France. The hills and valleys were like a magical playground. Every day I discovered something new.

I explored woods filled with mossy rocks and roamed under branches that made leafy canopies above my head. Shards of sunlight shone through the holes as I jumped from one dappled patch to another. I ran through green fields that smelled like lavender. I dug caves in the rocky ridges of the hillsides. And I wandered. Oh, how I wandered!


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