Too Much Link Love Can Leave You Lonely

PURPOSE: …used with permission from Machus Corp.

We all know backlinks are the best way to climb up the search engine ranks. And once upon a time, you could hook up, so to speak, with as many other sites as you wanted to. Then a a couple of promiscuous webmasters started doing dirty things like creating link farms and auto-generated pages that existed for no other reason than to create links that pointed back to their sites.

Google, the god of the Web, recognized these practices for what they were. It sent the mighty Penquin algorithm to chasten those who were debasing the act of link love. It hoped to restore linking to its original purpose–to populate the Web with meaningful content that would make it a more loving place.

So now, in this new age of accountability, we all must strive to create quality link relationships, which take time. Obey the following guidelines to keep your linking behavior chaste and your site searchable…


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